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The DeepTalk

Aug 26, 2019

Relationships are LIFE! Connection is so important and it is necessary to understand why we behave the way we do. According to the Attachment Theory, our primary caregivers and the way they behaved in our early childhood affects the way we show up in our relationships today. Let's move away from...

Jul 29, 2019

Feel like you're in a slump? I totally get it. I've been there. Let's talk about why you are feeling this way, and how to start getting motivated again! We talk passion and creativity. We talk burnout and needing some challenge. We talk all things unmotivated and how to get back on track!

Enjoy, guys!

All my love, XX...

Jun 17, 2019

What kind of friendships are currently in your life? Do they make you feel supported? Are you growing? Or, are you left feeling depleted and insecure?

I think it is time for us all to look at our friendships and reflect on their meaning and importance in our lives. After all, you are who you are around!

Choose the best...

May 6, 2019

Tired of routine? Sick of the old day to day?

Get ready to live with more adventure and creativity! Let me tell you some of the ways I add these things to my life and embrace this type of passion into my life.

It is so important to get out of that routine and enjoy that carefree feeling that adventure brings.

Be more...

Apr 22, 2019

What is Meditation and Mindfulness? How can we bring them into our life?

After finding meditation and mindfulness, I've become a whole lot more present. I also have been so much more comfortable with the things that happen to me and the emotions I feel, knowing that they are not me.

How can we be "here" even more?