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The DeepTalk

Jun 11, 2018

Hey guys, I could NOT be more excited about my first interview. Seriously, Cord is setting the tone for this podcast series. Creative career? Check. Entrepreneur? Check. Struggled and created a life for himself? Check. Spreads his light to the world? CHECK. Now that’s the DeepTalk!

Cord Coen is the owner of a company of spa products called Zents. Ever heard of them? Then you KNOW these products rock. But not only the products rock. So does the owner, Cord. Many years ago, Cord got in a car crash and injured his brain and lost his sense of smell.

Oh yeah, he didn’t give up. He moved to India, healed himself, and created a company with no previous knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Take a walk with me and Cord Coen to learn how he healed himself, the process of creating  Zents (from product creation to team building), and where he is now, along with other topics like:



-Goal setting

-Failures and successes


-Heart vs logic

-Filling the world with your LIGHT and PASSION


Enjoy, DeepTalkers. Lots of love. XX